7 Infographic Examples You Can Use For Your Business

Now It never hurts to ask yourself if you honestly think your own infographic is worth reading. Because if you’re getting bored looking at it, then you know you have a problem. A surefire way to get people to care about your infographic is to pick a topic that solves a burning problem.

We’ll look into the anatomy of infographics, their elements, and what makes an infographic great. Of course, we’ll also include many examples and useful tips that will inspire you to create your own engaging infographics. Below is the overview that includes the main topics of the article, so don’t hesitate to fast-travel to specific sections of interest if you’re looking for something in particular. Process infographics usually make use of flowcharts, diagrams and even timelines to guide readers through a series of steps or to help simplify the decision-making process. Informational infographics use a mix of text and visual elements to explain or simplify a topic, or guide readers through a series of steps. As the fourth most-used type of content marketing, infographics pop up all over the place — from social media posts to whitepapers.

  1. The design highlights statistics and other facts with colorful charts and images.
  2. The “dos and donts” infographic is similar to the comparison infographic example.
  3. When choosing your color scheme, decide on the tone of your infographic.
  4. Another stunning infographic designed by Futurism explores the question by illustrating peculiar extraterrestrial worlds and the dead or dying stars around which they orbit.

With this in mind, it wouldn’t be wise to change or switch such colors and cause confusion. “Missions to Mars” gives the topic and is followed by the more powerful “How many man-made objects have been sent to the Red Planet and how many actually arrived? ” This instantly draws attention to the graphic that reveals very little https://adprun.net/ few dots on the planet Mars. And marketers all over the world rely on it to create effective designs that actually bring results. If you want to showcase geographic information in a visual form, a location-based or map infographic is a great option. You can either download it for offline use in image, PDF or HTML5 formats.

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However, how many color combination infographics focus on specific wedding theme pallets. These would be incredibly helpful for designers or people who have a Victorian, Gothic, or Hawaiian-themed wedding and still haven’t selected their colors. Or if you wish to educate children with fun facts, why not effective infographic examples make an infographic about fruits, vegetables, and nuts that aren’t actually fruits, vegetables, or nuts. You could check our hand-picked collection of engaging infographic examples that we made specifically for inspiration. Additionally, we also featured a gallery of 12 animated video infographics.

Marketers can use infographics to drive more website traffic, increase visibility and brand awareness, and boost engagement. Notice how the use of bright colors, illustrated characters and bold text instantly grabs your attention and gives you an overview of the topic as you skim through. While a lot of information is packed into each graphic, it’s never overwhelming.

Font Psychology and Pop Culture

You can use this type of infographic to sum up a how-to or listicle blog post. List infographics are also likely to get shared as they’re usually straightforward and fun to read. Timeline infographics are useful for presenting information in a chronological order. Whether you’re visually showcasing your brand history or showing how something has evolved over time, a timeline infographic can help you out. “Che bello” is the first thought that comes to mind for this design.

This simple creative infographic breaks each drink down to its core components to make it easy to make direct comparisons. The simple color palette also makes you keep the information organized, without being a distraction as well. This infographic lists all the types of self-care that are important to achieving a balanced lifestyle, which is an important reminder for anyone. The handwritten fonts and cute illustrated icons make the information feel more authentic. The various lines in this flow chart connect all the graphics and processes allow for the infographic to not feel overwhelming. Including connecting lines like this makes creative infographics extremely easy to follow.

Process infographic formats are useful if you want to visualize a procedure, break down a complex process, or share a summary of steps. If your creative well is running dry, this collection of infographic examples can give you the inspiration you need to design stunning infographics of your own. Well-designed infographics and visuals go a long way in helping you meet your communication goals.

Informational infographic design tips

This means considering the best practices, which fonts are legible, how to create emphasis through text hierarchy, and more. In terms of creating contrast and knowing how to combine colors perfectly, you could check out our guide to color theory for non-designers. Just like in everything related to design, colors are the most important element that can make or break your infographic. The right colors can create contrast, atmosphere, and emotions, and influence your viewers to be mesmerized by your work and wish to stay and examine it in detail. Therefore, a great infographic will tell a great story and do it clear and accurate.

If so, try using neutral colors like blue or green, or, of course, your brand colors, especially if you’re including your logo. While typography is important, try to limit the amount of text you include in your infographic. The best infographic designs focus on visual content, with text in a supporting role.

Simply put, an infographic is a graphic that presents information and/or data — most importantly, in an easy-to-understand way. Pops of color are one of the biggest graphic design trends of 2022. The bright teal icons contrast with the plain white background to make the icons (the most important visual aspect of the graphic) stand out. Infographics can be useful whenever you need to communicate information quickly, or any time you want to make an impact with your data or your message. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, an infographic (or information graphic) is “a visual representation of information or data”. But if you’re new to the world of design, the term “infographic” might still be foreign to you.

Creative droughts are the stuff of nightmares for artists, designers, photographers, and just about anyone with an imagination. Designed by the team at Creative Market, this is one of the best infographics to inspire you at your time of need. And if these tips don’t work, have a look at our list of ways to overcome a creative rut. And given how complex Christopher Nolan’s 2010 blockbuster movie Inception was, a little bit of simplicity goes a long way here. This brilliant illustration was created by New York-based graphic designer Rick Slusher. It summarises the film by depicting each character as a coloured line, and the layers of dreams as concentric circles.






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