The Knights Ecossais of the Order of Saint Andrew

Knights of St. Andrew Black Watch baldric, glengarry and pin

The Knights Ecossais of Saint Andrew, or KSA, is an elite group of Master Masons who have diligently demonstrated through meritorious actions, deeds and accomplishments, to attain the honor of becoming a Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret (32°) dedicated to serving the Scottish Rite Valley of Boston at large. The KSA provides critical support to all of the committees of the Valley, assists at events when needed, and promotes active membership in the Valley.

It may be confusing to some that, across the country, our peer Chapters are known by several additional names. Other names for the same service group include: Order of the Thistle, Scots Guards, Scottish Knights of St. Andrew, Scottish Rite Guards….

Regardless of the name adopted, the Massachusetts Chapter is a “Black Cap” service organization.

Most Chapters are known as KNIGHTS OF ST. ANDREW, a service group promoting the work of our individual Scottish Rite Valleys.

A KSA Chapter by any other name will just as truly serve…”

The Massachusetts Chapter of the Knights Ecossais of Saint Andrew is proud to announce that our Chapter is now ten (10) years old. Celebratory gatherings and events will be announced soon to mark this august occasion.

If you are interested in joining, or simply need further information, please contact us at:

You may also download the application here:  ksa_application.pdf